This is a very exciting time for us. Since the end of July, we have been sprinting to start our new company, Monkey Bread Technologies. We have a vision, an office, and are moving forward quickly into the space. I am excited to share more with you about what Monkey Bread Technologies is.

Our vision is split across who we are and want to be as a company as well as what we will do.  As a company, we intend to be a family-first employee-owned company who puts its people in front of profit while managing our business with transparency and integrity. As for what we do as a company, Monkey Bread Technologies creates great software for digital engagement. Let’s break those two things apart.


What is great software?

Great software has a lot of attributes.  It must be well thought out. It should be designed for an exceptional user experience. Great software must be reliable, maintainable and scalable. It should be personalized and understand the context of the user.  Finally, great software must have great results and not be built simply to check a box but instead to help a business meet their goals.

What is digital engagement?

Digital engagement may potentially be a future buzz phrase but we will define it as the concept of making a digital interaction with a consumer “sticky.” Far too many apps have been built and installed by clients only to be used once. We want to build applications that help businesses enter two-way conversations with their customers and believe we can engage their customers through our technologies.

What will Monkey Bread Technologies be offering?

We will have three base offerings.  First, we will be helping to plan digital engagements by partnering with Kapok Digital, a strategic digital consulting firm. It is through their strategy and proof of concept process that we believe most companies will find immediate value on how to engage customers.  With Kapok Digital, we also will be building custom work-for-hire software for companies. Finally, we will be building Software-as-a-Service solutions that will help companies engage their customers. We have several app concepts and companies we are partnering with to build custom applications.

We are excited to be growing immediately as we launch our business.  Check out the careers page if you are interested in growing with us.


Monkey Bread Lobby

Erik Burckart is the Chief Executive Officer of Monkey Bread Technologies.