Little blue monkey eating baobab fruit, Kenya
26 Sep 2016

Naming a Digital Engagement Firm

On the coast of West Africa many years ago, villages were built around large shade trees to escape the heat.  Roads were built from one shade tree to another. Today, those shade trees are older and even larger but are still the center of these villages. Social interactions as well as commerce surround these areas. Tables put out under their great shade to sell products and services locally. These trees brought people together into engaging with one another.

When Erik and I went to Africa in April 2016, we were struck by how important these trees were in the center of these communities. There were other types such as mangos trees and kapok trees, but one of the iconic trees was the baobab tree, commonly known as the tree of life. When we decided to start Monkey Bread Technologies, we knew that the community engagement we hoped to encourage through the software we created was much like the community engagement which came from these large shade trees. We want our creations to be the center for two-way conversations between companies and their customers.


But Why Monkey Bread?

Monkey Bread is the common name for the fruit of the baobab tree. This fruit is high in antioxidants and vitamins and may be one of the next great exports. Primarily thinking of the baobab fruit, we also liked how the baked pull-apart monkey bread as tightly baked together and used at gatherings as people come together to pull it apart. So, whether you think of the tree of life or pull-apart bread, we hope you will think of Monkey Bread Technologies as something that brings people together in two-way engaging conversations.


Little blue monkey eating baobab fruit, Kenya

Heather Burckart