Hoptree is Live
11 Feb 2017

Hoptree is Live

A friend of ours had a problem. Their office staff used their personal phones to text customers when customers requested text. The model they traditionally worked off in which all customer contact would happen over phone or email was broken. Having one phone number and one email address for 5 office staff wasn’t reaching customers in the way they wanted. Their customers want to text.

Launching a New Solution

In September of 2016, we started solving this problem with a solution we call Hoptree. We developed a software-as-a-service product which would help companies and teams like our friends to manage their text messaging. Our solution would provide one text number for their customers to contact the company much like they had a single phone number to call or email address to message.  In December we completed our beta release and yesterday, February 10, we made it live for other people to sign up. We even had our first customer not in the beta sign up!

A Company Milestone

Yesterday we hit a great milestone for our company. We launched our first product built completely by us.  In the last five years, our team has launched over 100 releases for customers and since creating Monkey Bread in August of 2016, we have gone live with several customer solutions. However, this is our first solution completely built in-house. We are not done. We hope this is the beginning of something greater!


Image courtesy of Jhaymesisviphotography. Flickr/CC2.0

Erik Burckart