Years ago my grandfather made a living as a television repairman. Back then running such a business required three things: a toolbox, technical know-how, and a telephone. These days a repairman still needs a toolbox and technical know-how. The telephone, however, has been replaced by the smartphone. The technology with smartphones has completely changed the way businesses and customers engage and interact.

Customers no longer use the yellow pages. They use Google and Facebook. They expect to be able to schedule appointments without making a phone call and pay without writing a check. Websites, apps, email, messaging, and social media all play a role in digital engagement. Each of these channels is potentially valuable to a business, but only if the business has the resources and knowledge to use it properly. The businesses that succeed in the future will be the ones that figure out digital engagement.

I want to help businesses succeed, which is why I’m excited to be joining Monkey Bread Technology as CTO. Monkey Bread understands the needs of businesses and understands software. Together we’ll create great software for digital engagement. With our software even small businesses, like a one-person repair shop, will be successful.

As CTO, I’ll help us focus on building the right technologies to help companies engage their customers, in a new age of cloud computing. To do this, we will continue to stay on top of what are the right technologies that are cost-effective, reliable, and maintainable to help our customers best make those digital connections. There are hundreds of new services and technologies coming available every month and the key will be finding the best technologies needed to do things better and more quickly while keeping operating costs low if we want to help the small businesses as well.



Patrick Wolf is the CTO of Monkey Bread Technologies.

Image courtesy Florian Richter/Flickr CC2.0